Unidragon ambassadors


We're excited to introduce you to the newest members of our Unidragon family - a group of puzzle enthusiasts and social media influencers from around the world who share our passion for puzzles. They were selected from a pool of dozens of applicants, and we're thrilled to partner with them to spread the joy of puzzling even further.

Our Unidragon Ambassadors will be sharing their favorite puzzle designs, testing new product releases, and providing valuable feedback to help us continue to improve our puzzle offerings. They'll also be sharing their own personal experiences with our puzzles on their social media channels and blogs.

Stay tuned for updates from our Ambassadors and don't forget to follow us and our Ambassadors on social media for exclusive sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes looks at what goes into making Unidragon puzzles. And remember, you don't need to be an Ambassador to join our puzzle community - simply tag us in your posts and use #UnidragonPuzzles to be featured on our website and social media pages.

Monica Marlatt

Meet Monica Marlatt, aka @puzzledabouteverything. She is a puzzle enthusiast turned trendsetter, spreading her love of puzzling around the globe. Piecing it together from Toronto with her husband, they showcase how to think about puzzles outside the box with creative reels after it’s built. Monica’s relationship with puzzling started as a casual hobbyist, and grew over the pandemic. Now she’s a full time puzzle imagineer.


Beatrice Ungureanu


My name is Beatrice and I’m a writing enthusiast. When my little boy was born I made myself a promise to preserve as many special moments as I can, and since everything about a baby is special, I decided to start my own online journal so as to keep all these memories alive.

Truthful Betty is the part of my soul that can be seen by anyone, a portal to my thoughts and bits of our life.

Along with my motherhood journey, I also decided to share with my followers my hobbies, so here I am, a proud Unidragon Ambassador, ready to solve the biggest quest of my life: putting together a puzzle with a toddler around me.


Elena Soporan

Hi everyone! My name is Elena and my journey in the jigsaw puzzles world started after all my childhood and teen years I told myself that jigsaw puzzles were not for me... until one day when I found my table full with a puzzle for months! Knowing nothing about puzzles (such as strategies or tips on how to assemble one), solving that puzzle was a new challenge for me. But that last piece was a lucky one - it brought me to where I am now, having a stable and wonderful passion, opening new paths, disconnecting me from the stress and reconnecting me with myself.

I discovered wooden puzzles later on the way, with Quezzle Amazing Cappadocia from Unidragon being one of my first wooden puzzles. Wooden puzzles are special to me as they feel like a magical link to the first jigsaw puzzles that were made of wood. With Unidragon it was love at first sight! The beautifully coloured and detailed creations (both the artworks and the cutting patterns), the weight and scent of the pieces, the stories, the innovation and the care put in every puzzle and its presentation make me proud to be an Unidragon Ambassador!


Michelle Kolatschek

My name is The Treasure Belle and I love sharing my passion for games, cute aesthetics, and bright colours. Jigsaw puzzles caught my eye at a young age, and I have many fond memories puzzling with my mother, my Oma and my brother. One of the first puzzles I fell in love with was a Beauty and the Beast puzzle that I made with my Oma. I have made this puzzle over and over, and I still have it in my collection despite the fact that it is starting to fall apart. Puzzles have helped me strengthen relationships with my family and friends, creating a safe space to chat, play, and share time together. Stress seems to melt away when I am puzzling and sometimes, I'll sing out power ballads and dance around my table as I puzzle away. Putting the pieces together and watching the picture come to life is so satisfying. What do you love about jigsaw puzzles?


Justine Dunn

To say I love puzzles is an understatement - I think “obsessed” is probably more accurate! I enjoy puzzles so much that you’ll find me puzzling almost every day!

I’ve enjoyed puzzles my whole life and have good memories of completing puzzles as a young child. And even as an adult I always had a small collection that I would enjoy doing from time to time.

However, in early 2020 I decided to look online to see what puzzles were available as I was thinking of buying one or two new ones to do. Well let’s just say I was blown away by not only the number of puzzle brands available, but also the range of amazing designs to choose from! I think I fell in love with puzzles all over again and instantly became hooked!


Diane Bizzle

Hi! I'm Diane and I like to consider myself more than a puzzle lover. I am a curator of art in pieces. I live by the philosophy that it's not hoarding when it's puzzles. At last count, I have just over 600 puzzles in my collection which includes 3 huge puzzles (24,000 piece Life, 32,000 piece Double Retrospect, and 42,000 piece Around the World). I also have a large collection of wooden puzzles including 26 Unidragon puzzles. I am a member of the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association, on the planning committee for Puzzle Parley and Puzzle Jam South, and co-host the annual Puzzle Pal awards with Sarah Does Puzzles. You could say that puzzles are a pretty big part of my life, but why? They relax me. There's nothing more that calms my mind more than a puzzle with great art and a good audiobook. Wooden puzzles are an especially fun treat that combines puzzles with innovation.


Jimena and Jose Luis Ruiz Ludeña

We are Jimena and JL, and as you can imagine... we love puzzling. After a long day at work, we like to puzzle to detox from the day, relax and talk or "hear" some TV series. Puzzling is our "mind yoga". I have been a puzzler all my life, and JL has been puzzling since we met about 8 years ago.

Wooden puzzles are a completely different experience from cardboard ones; the intricate and random pieces, the piece fit, and even the wood scent make them unique. We tried them years ago, and now they are a must. We are very excited to be part of the Unidragon's Ambassars Team!


Claudia Tremblay

My name is Claudia aka Puzzle Canopy and i'm from Québec City in Canada. I love puzzle of every kind , every size, shape, material or pieces count. My favorite puzzle are those with bright colors and lots of different details and paterns , like those from Unidragon.
I started puzzling as a kid around 4 years old with small children puzzle, and I never stoped. My Mother told me that I did my puzzle upside down or on the cardboard side cause they were too easy for me lol. I spent a lot of time at my godmother's house when I was young and she was a huge puzzle fan so I started to do some 1000 pieces with her.
Puzzling is a big part of my life , so i'm puzzling every day, even in vacation. I brang puzzle with me in some resort in Mexico and even on cruise ship.


Lisa Cohen

I’m Puzzlequeenlisa. I’m a lover of pups, people and puzzles. Puzzling is my way of relaxing and connecting with people all over the world. I love to connect a puzzle to someone or something special whether it be a place I’ve traveled, an uplifting message or a person I love. I’m honored to be an ambassador for Unidragon and look to sharing their amazing wooden puzzles with my followers.

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